March Madness 2024

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Sharing my love and knowledge of sports betting with all of you…My Fellow Daily Wagerers

My Daily Wager Packages

My Daily Wager has 2 packages...Elite and Platinum. The Daily Wagers Elite Package gets you all the main picks for the day rated 1-5 units. If you are looking for the big plays of the day check out The Daily Wager Platinum plays rated 6 and above.  You will get 100% of all plays each day in all sports.

Daily Wager Elite

Daily Wager Elite Plays rated 1-5 in all sports.

Daily Wager Platinum

Daily Wager Elite Plays plus all 8 unit plays


Who is Daily Wager?

A combination of Sports Enthusiast, Athlete, Christian, and Philanthropist, not necessarily in that order, but most of all, a Family man, expressing and sharing my interests in Sports Capping with all of you.

I was born in Vietnam, during the Vietnam war and was adopted by an Incredible American Family and raised all over the world as a Military Brat. I am now married with 5 wonderful kids and many grandkids.  I currently reside in the Lone Star State, Texas.

I feel extremely blessed because I now have the option to share my love and knowledge of sports betting with all of you…My Fellow Daily Wagerers.

My philosophy is simple….Live each day with a Purpose, have Fun, and most importantly staying true to yourself and those that you Love.

Stay Humble and Kind!